Thursday, August 28, 2008

English Language: Acronyms Part 1

Arriving home in SG

I stepped off my SIA flight 10 minutes after my ETA and headed for immigration. I was glad I just got my new EP and IC with my FIN from MOM so I could go through the fast lane for PRs and other residents. After picking up my bags, I stopped by the UOB ATM. I thought about taking the MRT, but hopped in a taxi instead. I told the driver to take the ECP, but he said it was jammed so he took the PIE to the CTE.

As we drove past rows of HDBs, I thought about my baby girl that I recently delivered at TMC (my OB/GYN's clinic, TLC is there). I also thought about how lucky I was to have a new FDW to help take care of her while I was away. I wondered if the GIRO application was approved so I didn't need to worry about the BFWL.

As we entered the CBD, I was surprised by how many new ERPs there were. Suddenly I got an SMS: "Hi h! r u back?" It was from my BFF, Sonia. I SMSed her back: "Ya, gr8 trip. how r u?" We decided to meet at OUB Centre since her PAs BF said there was a nice cafe there. Plus her PC was down and the IT guy was busy fixing it; she couldn't get her POs done anyway.

We met for coffee and had a nice time talking. After a long day, everything was A-OK.

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